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Seasonings "Tvitnik"

The ability to mix different spicinesses in one seasonings since ancient times is considered a great culinary art. Specialists of  JSC "Lidapischekontsentraty" carefully compounding of seasonings from the different corners of the world, conducted tastings, we gather experts. The acquired knowledge they have generalized and applied in the development of a new series of seasonings «Tvitnik».

Uncoated corn sticks "Khrustyashki"

This lightweight puffed product always bring joy to children and enable parents to treat the child is not only delicious, but also useful to treat.

Brand names


Trademark «Lidkon» is a high level quality guarantor. Over the years of work the company has proved its worth as a reliable supplier of instant products.

About company

JSC «Lida food concentrates» possesses long term experience in the production of food products. It is a leading producer of first and second course lunch concentrates as well as spices and seasonings, kissels and jelly and breakfast cereals in the Republic of Belarus

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