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Wine What is this?

Probably everyone at least once in a life drank wine and thought: "And what is it?". There are many types of wine, a lot of categories, each of which has its own distinctive features and peculiarities. One of these categories - fruit wine. Imagine the freshest juice of fruits and berries (except grapes - such wines fall into another group), mixed with an optimal amount of water-alcohol tinctures, slightly flavored with suitable spices. Ripe fruits are selected (in which most sugar), but will not spoil (they give the wine a bad taste). Commonly used apples and pears, but it all depends only on the imagination of the manufacturer. This taste is remembered for a long time - and the manufacturer has done everything to make you enjoy it without any problems. The box is designed for a special technology that allows you to keep the wine as long as possible, and relatively low price will not let the packaging lying too long in the store. This package protects the wine (you can not be afraid for his safety during transport in transport) and can be set at the center of the holiday table, thanks to interesting and original execution colors.

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