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Corn sticks What is this?

Corn Sticks - one of the favorite treats children and adults! Everyone admires a truly great taste
Production of corn sticks - it is not easy, but we keep the brand, cooperating only with reliable companies and the proof of this - a gold medal largest industrial exhibition in Moscow ..
We produce corn sticks with different tastes, so everyone can choose the products to your liking. And for children the most interesting - with a surprise package! Biting corn sticks, so valuable in terms of energy, you'll quickly feel satiety, which can not but rejoice.
Corn sticks today - a wonderful choice for a tasty treat or surprise baby!

Sweet unglazed corn sticks KHRUSTYASHKI

Corn grits, sugar,deodorized vegetable oil, iodized cooking salt.

Directions for use:
Corn sticks are fully ready  to eat and can be served as a separate dish and also with milk, tea, coffee, juice orcompote.

Store at  max 20 C and  relative humidity max 75%. Storage life - 6 months.

Nutritional value of 100 g of the product: proteins - 4,7g, fats - 21,2 g, carbohydrates - 62,7 g, energy value - 460 kcal

Weight - 160 g

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